The Eltham East Primary School Choir gives a Concert in the Chapel

On Sunday 12 August some 200 people gathered in the Templer Chapel Bayswater to attend a Concert by the Eltham East Primary School Choir. Almost exactly a year ago the choir first appeared in the Chapel and to general acclaim came back this year with new songs, new students and the same quality of excellence. Under the direction of the gifted music teacher and conductor Anne Williams and composer pianist Nicolas Buc the children again gave a series of traditional and contemporary songs, finishing with the touching 'Irish Prayer''

at Practice

In Uniform

Attractive Uniforms

It takes Concentration

The Cabage Tree Song

The Casual Look

All in Good Fun

Real Pirates

Anne Williams

Refreshments in the Hall

Getting to know you

Nic, Composer and Pianist

Vivien, the Manager

Anne, Teacher and Conductor